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A Doctor's Note on a Socialist Spending Scam

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Dear Friends, In case you missed it, last Friday the House of Representatives set the records for the longest and second longest votes held open on the House floor. For both votes I spent the day fighting for you on the House floor. During my 16 hours on the floor I did a parliamentary inquiry to ask why the votes were being held open when it was clear consensus had been reached. What…

A Doctor's Note: This week in Washington

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Dear Friends, In case you missed last Friday, I joined Grant Stinchfield to discuss my view on vaccine mandates and how the Biden Administration has used the vaccine to alienate instead of unite. Americans should have a choice in whether or not they receive a vaccine, and those who are not comfortable…

A Doctor's Note on Democrats Spending Bill

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Dear Friends, This week, I joined Fox Business' The Evening Edit to discuss the disastrous, partisan $3.5 trillion spending bill being put forward by Democrats. The biggest headline from this interview is the question of who will  actually pay for this spending and tax spree. This will be…