Congressional Art Competition

Each year in the spring, my office participates in the Congressional Art Competition. This nationwide competition provides an excellent opportunity to showcase the talent of high school students and acknowledge our nation's gifted young adults. Since the U.S. House of Representatives created the competition in 1982, hundreds of thousands of talented high school students have served as artistic ambassadors of their communities.

The annual contest is open to public, private and home-schooled high school students residing and/or attending schools located in the 26th Congressional District. The guest art jurist for this year’s competition was professional artist/educator, Ms. Sharon Warwick.

Amanda Choi,
 a graduating senior at Westlake Academy, won the 2020 Grand Prize with her colored pencil and acrylic artwork entitled “Sustain the Deep Blue”. Her art instructor was Gail James. As the Grand Prize winner, Amanda will have her artwork displayed for an entire year in the U.S. Capitol and will be invited to participate in a national ceremony honoring winning artists in Washington, D.C. later this year. 


2020 Art Competition Grand Prize Winner Amanda Choi

Lynden Clark, a graduating senior at Flower Mound High School and a student of Michelle Harper, won First Place for her colored pencil and graphite drawing entitled “Smile and Wave”. Lynden will have her artwork displayed in Congressman Burgess’ Lake Dallas district office for the upcoming year.


First Prize Winner Lynden Clark

The public was invited to view the 2020 student entries on Congressman Burgess’ website in early May and vote online for their favorite artwork. The top vote-getter, named the “Texas Choice” winner, was Christiana Durkee-Fairley for her artwork entitled Japanese Pictures. Christiana is a graduating senior and student of Nancy Lawrence at Marcus High School in Flower Mound.

Texas ChoiceJapanese Pictures by Christiana Durkee-Fairley

In addition, while the students’ artworks were posted online, art jurist Sharon Warwick selected the finalists in this year’s competition. She chose one artwork from each participating school as “Best of School” and additional pieces she judged based upon artistic merit were named as “Juror’s Choice”. The finalists are listed below:



Aubrey High School

  1. Kimberly Wesson for Anger – Creativity - Best of School
  2. Kara Ferguson for Vexatious Thoughts – Concept - Juror’s Choice

Flower Mound High School

  1. Emi Thomas for Becoming American – Craftsmanship - Best of School
  2. Lynden Clark for  Smile and Wave  - Creativity - Juror’s Choice
  3. Ayusha Akdhikari for Just Kidding – Concept - Juror’s Choice

Founders Classical Academy

  1. Alyssa Harris for Paloma - Craftsmanship - Best of School
  2. Emma Eakins for Owen- Concept – Juror’s Choice

Hebron High School

  1. Kim Hana for Baby- Craftsmanship - Best of School
  2. Lasania Bint e Bilal for A Rainy Day­ - Concept- Juror’s Choice

Keller High School

  1. Aaron Simmons for Tunnel of Life - Craftsmanship and Concept - Best of School
  2. Nicholas Lolin for Khoa- Concept - Juror’s Choice
  3. Olivia McDonald for Curiosity and Satisfaction for Concept - Juror’s Choice

Lake Dallas High School

  1. Emma Harrison for Portrait of a Texas Woman – Craftsmanship - Best of School
  2. Allison Strong for Yes I’m Judging You - Craftsmanship - Juror’s Choice
  3. Nya McDowell for A Little Bit of Mischief – Creativity - Juror’s Choice

Legacy Christian Academy

  1. Eriica Papp for Le debut D’une Ballerine­ – Craftsmanship - Best of School
  2. Cortlyn Plunk for A Vintage Still Life – Creativity - Juror’s Choice

Harmon High School-Lewisville

  1. Rachel Cantu for Clean Portrait of my Sister - Craftsmanship – Best of School
  2. Sophia Sutherland for Collage of Gray – Concept - Juror’s Choice

Little Elm High School

  1. James Polei for Stolen Dreams – Craftsmanship - Best of School
  2. Aja Washington for Lia – Concept - Juror’s Choice
  3. Lauren Richards for Disrupting Peace – Creativity - Juror’s Choice

Marcus High School

  1. Saloni Mistry for Farmer’s Fresh Flowers – Craftsmanship - Best of School
  2. Catlin Reimer for Oh Hunny – Concept - Juror’s Choice
  3. Christiana Durkee-Fairley for Japanese Fish – Creativity - Juror’s Choice
  4. Liv Hendrick for Toeing the Line - Concept - Juror’s Choice

Prosper High School

  1. Raquelle Smith for Bees on a Honeycomb – Craftsmanship - Best of School
  2. Leisl Smith for Bird on a berry Bush – Creativity - Juror’s Choice
  3. Mark Chrissan for Boy with a Camera – Concept - Juror’s Choice

Ryan High School

  1. Fatima Sandoval for Offbeat - Concept and Craftsmanship - Best of School
  2. Victor Matute for Wilson Makia – Craftsmanship - Juror’s Choice
  3. Kayla Bryant for Local History – Craftsmanship - Juror’s Choice

Sanger High School

  1. Yazmin Weatherspoon The Last Frontie r- Creativity - Best of School
  2. Jacob Gordon for Eyes of the All Father – Craftsmanship - Juror’s Choice

Steve Ko Art Studio

  1. Ava Koele for A Day at the Docks – Craftsmanship - Best of School
  2. Eric Guo for Highland Village Street – Concept - Juror’s Choice

The Colony High School

  1. Layla Montemayor for Lost – Craftsmanship - Best of School
  2. Jillian Adara Watson for Reaching Out – Concept - Juror’s Choice
  3. Olivia Kelsey for Game Night – Creativity - Juror’s Choice

Timber Creek High School

  1. Zoe Mukendi for Figuring It Out - Creativity and Craftsmanship - Best of School
  2. Hannah Saine for Me and My Dog – Concept -  Juror’s Choice

Westlake Academy

  1. Amanda Choi for Sustain the Deep Blue   Craftsmanship and Concept - Best of School
  2. Alyssa Wiese for Empty – Concept - Juror’s Choice
  3. Sarah Jiang for Laura - Creativity - Juror's Choice