Dr. Burgess Weekly Video Address
Kicking the Can Down the Road
November 22, 2019
This week, Congress passed a Continuing Resolution to fund the government for the next four weeks. This keeps the government open, but at last year’s funding level. While we were able to avoid a government shutdown for a period of time, a Continuing Resolution hurts our agencies and departments because they cannot plan for the future. Plus, there is no way for the government to efficiently contract with suppliers. Authorizing appropriations is a power vested in Congress. We must not delay our r... More
Dr. Burgess Weekly Video Address
Special Edition: The Saga Continues
November 14, 2019
Here are my takeaway from the impeachment hearing that took place on November 13, 2019: 1. During the 51 days since Speaker Pelosi announced the inquiry, Representative Adam Schiff has been leading the investigation behind the seat of his Chairmanship on the Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence. Until yesterday, every hearing was behind closed doors and little information was released to the public. 2. Ukraine did not know aid was being withheld and Ukraine did receive the aid in Septembe... More
Dr. Burgess Weekly Video Address
Thank you to our veterans in North Texas and across this nation!
November 11, 2019
As we reflect on this Veterans' Day, I am reminded of the words of President George W. Bush: "Americans are forever indebted to the men and women who have bravely worn the uniform of the United States in defense of our freedom. Through their service, often in difficult and dangerous circumstances, our veterans have developed unique and valuable skills. They are a priceless national asset who have a lot more to offer our country as civilians.” It was a privilege for me to honor five veterans fro... More
Press Releases
Burgess Recognizes Local Veterans Service to Our Nation
November 8, 2019
Highland Village, TX – Today, Congressman Michael C. Burgess, M.D. (R-TX), Ranking Member of the House Energy and Commerce Subcommittee on Health, presented five former U.S. Armed Forces members with the 2019 26th Congressional District Veteran Commendation (CVC). The CVC, established in 2005, honors distinguished veterans who have continued their dedication to the nation by serving their local communities after selflessly serving their country in combat. Photo: (left to right) Robert Kohankie, ... More
Dr. Burgess Weekly Video Address
Weekly Address: H.Res. 660 – Rules Impeachment Resolution Floor Statement
November 1, 2019
By the continued pursuit of this impeachment inquiry, Congress is forgoing our responsibility to provide real solutions for Americans. This week, I went to the house floor to express my concern about this investigation and the lack of transparency. Read his full remarks here. More
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