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Burgess Statement on Continuing Resolution
January 18, 2018
Washington, D.C. — Congressman Michael C. Burgess, M.D. (R-TX), Chairman of the Energy and Commerce Subcommittee on Health, released the following statement after House passage of the Extension of Continuing Appropriations Act. “Tonight, the House of Representatives took the correct step in voting to fund the federal government. While this continuing resolution is by no means perfect, we must not let funding for our service men and women lapse. By voting for this legislation, we have ensured tha... More
Dr. Burgess Weekly Video Address
Weekly Address: Setting the Record on CHIP
January 12, 2018
Congress is facing a deadline to fund the state Children’s Health Insurance Program. In Texas, more than 400,000 children are counting on CHIP for their medical coverage. It’s time that we set the record straight, and urge the Senate Democrats to stop playing politics with American children and vote on this important bill. Read his full remarks. More
Burgess in the News
Dr. Burgess Gives the Facts on CHIP
January 10, 2018
Burgess in the News
Dr. Burgess Joins NBC 5's "Lone Star Politics"
January 7, 2018
Burgess in the News
Dr. Burgess Joins Fox 4's "Good Day"
January 5, 2018
This morning, Dr. Burgess joined Fox 4's "Good Day" to discuss American unity, the economy, and his take on the legislative outlook in Washington. More
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