Social Security and Entitlements

Millions of seniors today rely on Social Security to supplement their retirement income and Medicare to provide them with access to health care. Both programs are critical to millions in our nation and to many in Texas. Because of the vital benefits of these two programs, we must approach any proposed changes to these programs with great care and forethought.

I am concerned about the solvency of our Social Security and entitlement programs. Any proposed change must guarantee that current and future retirees receive the benefits to which they are entitled. Strains on the whole Social Security system mean it is “broken” in its current form. Something must be done to account for the burden of retirees on the horizon.

Medicare is expected to nearly double its share of the nation’s economy by 2030, crowding out other federal spending and economic activity. To deal with this problem, we should first reform Medicare to eliminate the billions in waste, fraud, and abuse. Then, we should work to include new treatments that save money and provide better care and make sure reimbursement rates are fair and accurate, eliminating overpayment but also ensuring payment that accounts for true costs.

I am committed to ensuring the security of hard-earned benefits for both of these important programs for both current and future retirees. Their contributions and trust in the program must not be compromised by cutting the aid many depend on in old age. The right way forward does not betray the trust or security of taxpayers when they are most vulnerable.

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