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Burgess light bulb amendment included in energy appropriations bill

For the fifth consecutive year, Rep. Burgess introduced an amendment to prohibit using federal funds for the enforcement of incandescent light bulb standards.  Late Thursday night, it passed by a vote of 232-189 and was included in the fiscal 2016 Department of Energy appropriations bill. 

“I think the American people are trustworthy enough to choose which light bulbs to use in their own homes,” Rep. Burgess said.  “The light bulb mandate is a perfect example of just how far our Constitution’s commerce clause has strayed from its original purpose.  The adoption of this common-sense amendment is critical, so that the federal government doesn’t continue dictating which household products to use.”

Rep. Burgess’ amendment has been accepted for the past four years, and has been included in the annual appropriations legislation signed by President Obama each year since its first inclusion in FY12.  The measure is focused on language in the 2007 Energy Independence Security Act, which takes away consumer choice with regard to which light bulbs consumers may purchase. 

Of the 22 recorded votes Thursday night, Rep. Burgess’ amendment was the only to be adopted.