Congressional Veteran Commendation


The Congressional Veteran Commendation, in conjunction with the Veterans History Project sponsored by the Library of Congress, has been created to honor the distinguished veterans of Texas’ 26th Congressional District and to preserve their stories for future generations of Americans.

Veterans who are nominated must be currently residing in the 26th District of Texas and have served our nation with honor consistent with the finest traditions of military service. The nominated veterans must also have served their community. A Review Board comprised of past commendation recipients will review the nominations and make recommendations. Up to five individuals may be named to receive the 26th Congressional District Veteran Commendation for 2019.

The 2019 Congressional Veteran Commendation nomination form can be found here. The deadline to submit a nomination is September 16, 2019. 

Dr. Burgess will recognize individuals selected to receive the Congressional Veteran Commendation at the annual “Salute Our Veterans” luncheon sponsored by the Highland Village Business Association. An interview with commendees is expected to be sent to the Veterans History Project to be added to the Library of Congress collection.  For more information regarding the project, visit:
To obtain additional information regarding the Congressional Veteran Commendation or the Veterans History Project, please contact Deputy District Director, Robin Vaughan, by phone at (940) 497-5031 or via email at

Photo: (front row left to right) Christopher Martin, Gustav Wittschack, Congressman Michael C. Burgess, (back row left to right) Virgil Aldag, Lewis Duckwall II, Robert Lessard

Past Congressional Veteran Commendation recipients are: 


• Virgil Aldag (Specialist 4th Class - US Army), Denton           
Lewis Duckwall II (Gunnery Sergeant - US Marine Corps), Lake Dallas 
• Robert Lessard (Sergeant 1st Class - US Army), Aubrey 
• Christopher Martin (Colonel - US Army), Argyle  
• Gustav Wittschack (Sergeant 1st Class - US Army), Cross Roads


• Paul Farrar (Staff Sergeant - US Army), Denton 
• Donald Graves (Corporal - US Marine Corps), Fort Worth 
• Paul Perez Jr. (Master Sergeant - US Air Force), Flower Mound 
• Donald Phillips (Chief Petty Officer - US Navy), Denton  
• Johnnie Yellock II (Staff Sergeant - US Air Force), Lantana 


• Roberta DuTeil (Lieutenant Junior Grade - U.S. Navy), Bartonville
• William “Bill” Lawrence (Colonel - U.S. Air Force), Highland Village
• Virginia “Ginger” Simonson (Lieutenant Colonel - U.S. Army), Highland Village
• Clinton Turner (Corporal - U.S. Army), Denton 
• Charles “Chuck” Wright (1st Lieutenant - U.S. Marine Corps), Frisco


Jack Bailey (Major - US Army/Commander - US Navy), Flower Mound
• Forrest Beadle (Captain - US Army), Denton
• Doug Brown (Chief Warrant Officer - US Army), Flower Mound
• Andre “Frenchy” Rheault (Master Sergeant - US Air Force), Denton
• Gary Steele (Senior Master Sergeant - US Air Force), Denton


• Charles Correll (Colonel - U.S. Air Force), Denton
• Peter Lane (Colonel - U.S. Air Force), Denton
• Jack Milligan (Lieutenant Colonel  - U.S. Army), Highland Village
• Pat Smith (Colonel - U.S. Air Force), Denton
• William Splichal (Chief Warrant Officer 4 - U.S. Army), Trophy Club 

• Gilbert Brown (Sergeant - US Army), Lewisville 
• Jerry Galler (Storekeeper 3rd Class– US Navy), Highland Village
• James Rosengren (Major – US Army), Flower Mound

• Robert Baird (Lieutenant Colonel - U.S. Army), Lantana
• Victor Durrance (Sergeant - U.S. Army Air Force), Gainesville
• Andrew Fortunato (Lieutenant Colonel  - U.S. Marine Corps), Keller
• Joe Gray (Colonel - U.S. Army), North Richland Hills
• Mugg Pawless (Private First Class - U.S. Army), Gainesville

• Gary Alexander (Corporal - Marines), Gainesville
• Julius Fambry (1st Sergeant - Army), The Colony
• Donald Langa (Lieutenant Commander - Navy), Denton
• Joe M. Leonard, Jr. (Captain - Army), Gainesville
• Leroy M. Williamson, Sr. (1st Lieutenant - Army/Air Force), Denton

• Major Lee Roy Keith, (U.S. Marine Corps), Denton
• Sergeant Arlen Ray Mayfield, Jr., (U.S. Army), Lewisville
• Master Sergeant Guy Northrup, (U.S. Marine Corps), Lewisville
• Colonel Larry Patterson, (U.S. Army), Highland Village
• Major Richard Stewart, (U.S. Army/U.S. Air Force), Denton


• Corporal Arthur F. Berg (U.S. Army), Lewisville 
• Colonel Ernest L. Isbell (U.S. Army, Ret.), Highland Village 
• Captain Hank Scheible (U.S. Air Force, Ret.), Denton 


• Staff Sergeant Mark H. Graunke, Jr. (U.S. Marine Corps), Denton
• Commander Robert Heid (U.S. Navy, Ret.), Flower Mound
• Sergeant Donald W. Pettigrew (U.S. Marine Corps), Gainesville
• Colonel Walter W. Pine (U.S. Army/U.S. Air Force, Ret.), Keller
• Major Earl L. Russell, III (U.S. Army/Army Reserve, Ret.), Gainesville


• LtCol Walter Dyer (USAF, Ret.), Highland Village
• Col Susanne Hechinger (USAF, TX ANG, Ret.), Flower Mound
• Col James P. Mariades (USMC, Ret.), Copper Canyon
• LtCol Edward “Red” Weir (U.S. Air Corps/Air Forces, USAF, Ret.), Denton
• Capt William B. Springfield (USMC, Ret.), Flower Mound

• SgtMaj Thomas Blagg (USMC, Ret.), Denton
• Mr. Woodrow Wilson Burch, Jr., (U.S. Army/U.S. Air Force), Denton
• LtCol Ivan N. Glasscock (USAF, Ret.), Denton


• Mr. Johnnie Bulen (U.S. Army), Lewisville
• LtGen Charles R. Hamm, (USAF, Ret.), Argyle
• Mr. Reby Cary (U.S. Coast Guard), Fort Worth