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Burgess Joins New Anti-Terrorism Caucus

WASHINGTON, DC, January 18, 2007 | Michelle Stein ((202) 225-7772)

U.S. Congressman Michael C. Burgess, M.D. (TX-26) joined the newly formed, bipartisan, the Congressional Anti-Terrorism Caucus co-chaired by fellow North Texas Member, Rep. Kay Granger.

“Since 9/11, the term “terrorist” has been bantered about by the media,” said Rep. Michael Burgess. “But it is important for everyone to be educated about what motivates these individuals and groups to carry out such aggressive and deadly actions. We must know our enemy better in order to defeat him.”

The Congressional Anti-Terrorism Caucus’s mission statement states that terrorism is not a Democrat or Republican problem; it is a critical issue for all Americans.

Today, Congressman Burgess attended the first meeting where Mary Habeck, author of Knowing the Enemy addressed the Members. Professor Habeck teaches at Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies.

“Terrorism is not an individual act; it is a modus operandi prompted by ill-conceived and destructive beliefs,” said Rep. Burgess. “Terrorism is not a new concept, but today we are better equipped to understand them and conqueror them.”