Floor Statements

In Honor of Reverend Richard Kevin Barnard

 Video of Reverend Richard Kevin Barnard's opening prayer and Congressman Burgess' introduction.


Mr. Speaker, today I rise to welcome my pastor, Reverend Richard Kevin Barnard. I am honored Father Barnard is here today to leads us in glory and praise of our Almighty. Reverend Barnard has served as Rector of The Chapel of the Cross – a Reformed Episcopal Church – since July of 1989. He has also served Reformed Episcopal Congregations in New Jersey and New York.

Before coming to The Chapel, Father Barnard was Director of Communications for the International Bible Society, which was then located in East Brunswick, New Jersey. In that capacity he was a regular participant in the monthly White House Forum for Religious Organizations during the Reagan Administration and represented the Bible Society at public and private events, traveling to Central America, Europe, Africa and Asia.

Father Barnard is the author of two books and numerous articles, and is also a Past Master of Roy Stanley Masonic Lodge in Dallas.

Before becoming a Reformed Episcopalian, the Rev. Barnard was a Baptist pastor, serving congregations in Missouri, Florida and Tennessee. He is a graduate of Baptist Bible College, Springfield, Missouri, and holds the Master of Divinity Degree from Cummins Theological Seminary, a Reformed Episcopal seminary in Summerville, South Carolina.

Father Barnard is married to the former Miss Paula Ann Henderson of Fort Worth, Texas. They have four children and two grandchildren. Their youngest son, Adam, is currently serving aboard in USS Los Angeles (SSN 688), stationed at Pearl Harbor.

Father Barnard’s gracious presence and true dedication to the work and word of Christ is an instrumental part of my life. He guides his flock diligently and challenges us to remain faithful to pursuing our walk with Christ daily. I am thankful for his leadership and his presence here today. It is truly an honor.