Op-Eds: Burgess and Murphy Put Emphasis on Physician Input in Congress

Washington, D.C. – In celebration of National Doctors Week, Congressman Michael C. Burgess, M.D. (R-TX) and Congressman Greg Murphy, M.D. (R-NC), co-chairs of the Doctor's Caucus, have published two op-eds highlighting the invaluable contributions of healthcare professionals and their tireless efforts to improve the lives of Americans.

As a physician himself, Congressman Burgess recognizes the critical role that doctors play in our society, stating that "They [physicians] constantly fight through the proverbial red tape to improve the lives of their patients; however, most of these successes go unnoticed." In his op-ed titled "Every day is Patients' Day," he emphasizes the need for Congress to support policies that prioritize the doctor/patient relationship. The op-ed can be read in The Hill. Congressman Murphy, a physician and surgeon echoes these sentiments in his op-ed titled "Don't just thank a doctor when it's National Doctors Day." He notes that "They [doctors] have been given a great responsibility and a gift to heal and ease suffering." In his op-ed, he highlights the shortage of American doctors. The op-ed can be read in The Reflector.  Both congressmen emphasized the challenges faced by healthcare professionals Burgess stated, "Time after time, doctors prove to be modern-day heroes." Murphy added, "please be sure to thank the doctors in your life. I know I'll be thanking mine." National Doctors Week is observed annually from March 25th to March 31st and serves as an opportunity to recognize and celebrate the contributions of physicians.