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Burgess: President Biden’s SOTU Address is a Fairytale

Washington, D.C. – Congressman Michael C. Burgess, M.D. (R-TX), Vice Chairman of the House Rules Committee, released the following statement after President Biden gave a State of the Union (SOTU) address touting fabricated stats about our nation’s economy. 

“It’s alarming that the President can stand before Congress and mislead the American people so brazenly,” said Burgess. “If the President wanted to be more authentic in his remarks, he could have begun his speech with the phrase ‘once upon a time.’ Instead, President Biden stood before Congress touting a positive economic record that simply does not exist.”

“Tonight, President Biden gave himself a pat on the back for 'record job numbers.' The unpleasant reality that President Biden is unwilling to acknowledge is that the recent positive jobs report is a consequence of draconian government mandated closures finally being lifted. It is an absolute farce that the Biden Administration is trying to take credit for an economic rebound when so many Americans are suffering at the grocery store, the gas pump and their utility bills.   

“President Biden took a victory lap praising the manufacturing boom he has overseen while in office. The President failed to mention in his remarks that his administration plans to increase taxes on American corporations, driving the jobs and taxes they provide to other nations. Claiming you are a capitalist does not in fact make you a capitalist, nor does it keep American jobs on American soil. The government cannot pick winners and losers and then be surprised when competition is eliminated. 

“Once again, the President failed to provide real solutions for any of the crises his administration created. Energy prices continue to rise. We have fentanyl pouring over our southern border because the President lit an ‘Open Now’ sign when he walked into the Oval Office. American families are having to decide between keeping a roof over their head or putting food on the table. 

“President Biden continues to lead us into more crises instead of lifting the Union out of them.”