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Burgess Opposes Senate Gun Legislation

Washington, D.C. – Congressman Michael C. Burgess, M.D. (R-TX) released the following statement after voting against S. 2938 - the Bipartisan Safer Communities Act – less than 24 hours after it passed the Senate and without full committee consideration in the House.

"Having practiced medicine for nearly 30 years, I find it legislative malpractice for the House of Representatives to continue ceding our legislative authority," Burgess said. "While I appreciate that the Senate had discussions among some members about what a bipartisan solution to criminal violence would look like, House members were denied that opportunity.

"I have been offering several suggestions, from tightening up the National Instant Criminal Background Check System, the Behavioral Intervention Guidelines Act or simply BIG Act, and providing the solutions an independent school district in Denton County found. I am sure other House Members desired to also put forward their own amendments. Instead, no one was allowed to offer any amendments on the House Floor and essentially each Representative was blocked from sharing their district’s input.

"I want an end to this senseless criminal violence. Members of both Chambers should have had the opportunity to bring their amendments up for debate and a vote. Successful legislation happens when every member has the chance to buy in."