Burgess in the News

Burgess sponsors Vaccine Targeting Rogues and Opaque Letters Act

By Ripton Advance News Service 

U.S. Rep. Michael Burgess (R-TX) on June 17 sponsored legislation that would make it unlawful to send a demand letter in bad faith for a patent relating to COVID-19 related products.

The Vaccine Targeting Rogue and Opaque Letters (TROL) Act, H.R. 3978, would help “protect intellectual property and innovation, especially during a global pandemic when resources and medical developments are critical,” Rep. Burgess said.

“We are seeing the signs of recovery from this pandemic due to the success of Operation Warp Speed and our incredible scientific and medical communities that developed a vaccine in record time,” added the congressman. “In showing gratitude for their work, we should do all that we can to protect their intellectual property. This legislation is a simple step to make it unlawful for anyone to engage in the practice of sending frivolous patent demand letters regarding COVID-19 products.” 

Rep. Burgess urged his congressional colleagues to support the legislation and expand it to encompass all patent demand letters. 

H.R. 3978 has been referred for consideration to the U.S. House Energy and Commerce Committee.