A Doctor's note on Coronavirus

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Washington, April 26, 2020 | comments

April 26, 2020

Dear Friends,

Over the past month, I have been asked several times about the origins of this Coronavirus. Many, including myself, believe that China needs to take more responsibility for the spread of this virus.

Earlier this month, I spoke with KLIF's Dave and Amy. During the show I was asked if China should take responsibility for the virus. I told them in January, I became very concerned when China shutdown a city of over 10 million people because not only were people not able to travel to and from Wuhan, but news was also stopped from coming out of the city.

Now there are reports that two years ago the U.S. Department of State warned of potential safety dangers after visiting a research facility in Wuhan.


To this day, I am not convinced that we have been hearing the entire official story about the number of people affected and who has died from the virus in China. I am not convinced it is completely accurate. This just makes discovering the truth more difficult.

China has no reason not to be honest right now; every country in the world is currently effected. The response in every country has been a little bit different, but by and large government’s are responding in the best interest of their people.

The Chinese have an obligation to share what they know with us. It's important to understand the origins of the virus and how this pandemic started to help prevent the next one. China must be transparent as the world fights to defeat COVID-19.

Until next time, this is your doctor's note.
Congressman Michael C. Burgess, M.D.

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