A Doctor's note on Coronavirus

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Washington, April 19, 2020 | comments


April 19, 2020

Dear Friends,

Last night I spoke with Jon Scott on the Fox Reportabout the steps states are taking to re-open.

While I understand that we are all experiencing serious casesof cabin fever, I believe Governor Abbott's approach to phrase inre-opening is the best move.This will not be like switching a switch but morelike turning a dimmer switch. We will get there; however, it willtake some patience.


National Update:
The American Hospital Association announced a partnership with industry groups to launch a personal protective equipment app. This initiative – Protecting People Everywhere – will match individuals and organizations donating personal protective equipment to hospitals based on need through the use of the HealthEquip app. Individuals can register here.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has a new webpage dedicated to training for health care professionals. This webpage includes important information such as Clinician Outreach and Communication Activity calls and webinars, webinars regarding certifying deaths, infection prevention and control recommendations, and more. Health care professionals are encouraged to visit this webpage for more information.

Texas Update:
Governor Abbott issued an executive order to relax restrictions on surgeries. Certain restrictions were ordered to limit non-essential surgeries during this Coronavirus outbreak. This new executive order allows for certain surgeries if a hospital attests to reserve at least 25% of bed capacity for COVID-19 treatment and to not request personal protective equipment from a public resource.

A Cure for Cabin Fever:
Travel and Leisure compiled a list of fun adventures on which you can embark from the comfort and safety of your own home. Whether you want to tour a European castle, take a cooking class from a world class chef, or go on a fun field trip with your kids, this list has you covered.

Help your children become top chefs. The New York Timesput together a list of 53 kid-friendly recipes to inspire some family memories in the kitchen.

Until tomorrow, this is your doctor's note.
Congressman Michael C. Burgess, M.D.

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