Veterans Affairs

I am grateful to the men and women who have fought and continue to fight so that we may exercise our freedoms on a daily basis. Our troops make unimaginable sacrifices for their fellow Americans. They leave their homes and families to ensure the safety and freedom of the American people, many of whom they will never meet. They have upheld our values of liberty, justice and self-determination.

For our troops serving around the world, and those transitioning back into civilian life, our commitment to them only grows. Taking care of them, and their families, is a responsibility we must take seriously and work to uphold. As we welcome home new generations of veterans, we must ensure that these programs are in place and being properly managed to afford our troops every opportunity for a smooth transition back to their lives here at home. These men and women fought for our freedom, and now we must for them.

Click here if you need assistance with a veterans' benefits issue. As with any other issue of concern to you and your family, I hope you will take the time to let me know how you feel about this issue. To find the best means to contact me, click here.

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