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April 24th, 2021: A Doctor's Note: This Week in Washington
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April 24, 2021

Dear Friends,

Our nation is facing a crisis at our southern border. Over the last month I traveled several times to the border to fully understand what was happening. On Monday, I went to the House floor to discuss this crisis and provide solutions. It is past time to end this broken, inhumane pattern. It is past time to stop demonizing those who seek to enforce our laws. Congress must find a solution. We must secure our borders. And, we must do it soon rather than later.


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This Week in Washington:

I started my week by reintroducing the Time Act. This legislation will remove red tape that no longer serves a purpose. If passed, the Federal Trade Commission will have to conduct a periodic review on the consent decrees it enters into and remove those that no longer serve a purpose.

On Wednesday, I voted against the NO BAN Act and the Access to Counsel Act of 2021. I will not argue against the need to do a serious overhaul of our immigration system; however, putting forward bills that continue to incentivize migrants to break our laws is not the solution.

I also voted in support of H.R. 2630, the Temporary Reauthorization and Study of the Emergency Scheduling of Fentanyl Analogues Act. The temporary emergency rescheduling of fentanyl analogues to Schedule I is a necessary tool for the Drug Enforcement Administration to work with other agencies and law enforcement officials to address the threat of illicit fentanyl. I am grateful for the support it received in the House and encourage the Senate to quickly pass this vital legislation.

Finally, I published an op-ed with The Washington Times focusing on the future of energy policy in our country. America is making a comeback from the current public health emergency, and its rebound must be fueled by affordable, reliable energy. This cannot be accomplished without more comprehensive energy infrastructure. Both sides of the aisle agree that clean energy is a priority for our nation, but destroying an industry that provides millions of jobs is not the way ahead.

Coming up:

Next week is a committee work week and I am planning to introduce a resolution designating May as Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month.

Congressman Michael C. Burgess, M.D.

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