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Burgess to Maria Bartiromo: I shouldn’t speculate but look all I know is it’s wrong, it’s not working"

October 12, 2021

Washington, D.C. – Congressman Michael C. Burgess, M.D. (R-TX), joined Fox Business' Mornings with Maria this morning to discuss the ongoing crises generated by the Biden Administration.

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"Well look, there are multiple crises going on simultaneously most of them right now appear to be self-inflicted by the Biden administration. There was no reason to stop the work on the wall on January 21st other than they wanted to make a point."

"Even though we are in the minority on the House side, we are not in the minority by much and if we do stick together - we can stop some things. We stopped Maxine Waters at the end of July with her push to do away with mortgage and rent payments. They [Democrats] had to tap the brakes that day and [it is] not what she had intended to do. Same thing two weeks ago, Friday. The Administration and Democrats had to tap the brakes on this big spending bill because, they didn’t have all their ducks in a row and they certainly weren’t going to get any help from Republicans. Can you imagine the President came down and addressed the Democrats in the basement of the Capitol and they walked out of that meeting not declaring victory?"

"The first thing the new president did, President Biden, was an executive order to stop the Keystone Pipeline and that was sort of his opening salvo of his war on energy. He does not want energy to be affordable. The Green New Deal crowd that has his ear right now wants us to get our energy from starlight and the windmills, but they don’t always work, they don’t provide the base load power that you need, and here’s the prediction: we’re going to have a cold winter, not just in this country but in Europe and in other parts of the world energy prices are going to get significantly higher."