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ICYMI: Burgess joins Fox Business "The Evening Edit"

September 24, 2021

Washington, D.C. – Congressman Michael C. Burgess, M.D. (R-TX), the Republican Leader's designee to the Budget Committee, joined Fox Business' The Evening Edit to discuss the disastrous, partisan $3.5 trillion spending bill being put forward by Democrats.

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Who will actually pay for this? "This will be 84 months of the future earnings of America, American citizens, and in fact our great, great grandchildren are going to be paying for this if they’re successful... But at the end of the day yeah America is going to have to pay for this if they were to get this done."

Reality is this is being rushed: "Look, they don’t have a Congressional Budget Office score and the Budget Committee will be virtually meeting on Saturday. That means we won’t even be at the budget hearing room. We’re all going to be on some WebEx or conference call to mark up what’s set to be a 3.5 trillion-dollar bill, but in reality is it probably closer the 4 trillion dollars if you're really accounting for all the twists and turns."

Partisan spending bills won't keep the government running: "Here’s the other bad news to this equation, the federal government runs out of money, all discretionary budgets are exhausted on September 30th at midnight. So that means we go into an appropriations lapse the next day. And we’ve seen it before, your aircraft controls, your TSA agents, all these folks start working for no pay at that point and they get pretty cross when that happens as well."