Burgess to Maria Bartiromo: We have Overcome Disease Before with Basic Public Health Methods
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Washington, D.C. – Congressman Michael C. Burgess, M.D. (R-TX), member of the House Rules Committee and Republican Leader of the House Energy and Commerce Subcommittee on Health appeared on Fox Business’ Mornings with Maria to share insight on the economic impact of the Coronavirus and the resiliency of the American people. 



Here are the highlights:

Bartiromo: Do you think we're going to have news from the pharma sector, news of progress in terms of therapies? Wouldn't that be a major stimulus in and of itself?

Burgess: It absolutely would. Surely, all the stories yesterday of the beginning phase one of the clinical trials with a vaccine—that's great news. Some of the information that you're getting out of some of the other countries that were hard hit by this with some of the antivirals that are already around showing some efficaciousness against this virus—that's great news.

Bartiromo: Go through the overall umbrella of stimulus, if you will, the way you see it Congressman.

Burgess: Well first off, there's actually been two bills that have already passed the House of Representatives; the first one dealing with a little bit of help and then the second one, last early Saturday morning, dealing with the paid sick leave aspect. I think it was appropriate that this was going to run the length of the declared presidential emergency so there is a there is a stop date on that. You do want to be careful that things don't become the new normal because this is an extraordinary situation. Now the other aspects, the travel, the airlines, big industries in my area obviously I'm watching that very carefully. I've heard from a number of people about it, and I suspect I will continue to hear from people about it. Then don't forget Texas is a big energy state, and we've also had some things upsetting the oil market so there's a kind of the multiple whammy down here.

Bartiromo: America is so strong—its people are so strong. They have done everything that the government is asking us to do, and yet we're seeing a major impact, and yet we've got real holes in our supplies of medical equipment, and as you say, that the hospital strains that we're going to see—what's the answer to that?

Burgess: There was the Pandemic All Hazard Preparedness Act that President Trump signed into law last June. This is what has refilled the things in the national stockpile, this is what has prepared—to the degree that we are prepared—this is a thing that has allowed that preparation… Like you, I'm proud of the results of the American people in a short period of time they've complied.

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