By the Headlines: A Week in Review
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Burgess Joins America’s Newsroom: “The actions taken by the administration in regards to General Soleimani were absolutely appropriate and correct.”

Congressman Burgess joined Fox News’ America’s Newsroom before the House vote on the War Powers Resolution.

Here are the highlights from the interview:

Should be careful about what we say: “We shouldn’t be talking about how we’re going to limit our President. We should be talking about how we’re going to support the individual who’s protecting our country.”

Time to pass a new AUMF: “Most of us were not here when those authorizations were passed, and they seem to continue in perpetuity. Now if that’s a problem, then that’s a problem that Congress should fix. We shouldn’t be quarreling with the President about that. That’s our obligation to fix.”

History could repeat itself: “When I think back to the mid-1990’s, I’m just a regular guy. Clinton apparently had the opportunity to take out Bin Laden, and we learned later that he didn’t ... We suffered because the administration faltered. We have an administration who is willing to take decisive action, make the consequences, minimize the consequences, but take decisive action when it’s required. You got to respect that.”

To watch the full interview, click here.

Burgess Manages the Rule on the War Powers Resolution

Thursday afternoon, Rep. Burgess managed, on behalf of the Minority, the Rule providing for consideration of the War Powers Resolution.

From the floor, Rep. Burgess reminded fellow members that, "we are not engaged in hostilities in Iran. We are once again considering a measure that will have no force of law. This is a non-binding concurrent resolution. There was some debate in the Rules Committee last night on whether a concurrent resolution under the War Powers Resolution is in fact non-binding, but in the Senate a Joint Resolution has been introduced, making it likely that this House Concurrent Resolution will go no further than the House vote today."

To watch his opening statement here and his closing statement here.  

Burgess to Maria Bartiromo: “There has not been a legitimate vote on an authorization [for the use of military force] since [before] I came to Congress.”

Friday morning, Congressman Burgess joined Fox Business’ Mornings with Maria to talk about yesterday’s House vote on the War Powers Resolution.

Here are highlights from the interview:

Not a serious vote: “I voted against the concurrent resolution because actually it wasn’t a war powers resolution. It was a resolution designed to damage the president – and I think that was pretty obvious … We had [received the resolution] maybe 40 minutes before it was introduced in the Rules Committee the night before. There was very little chance to debate that in the Rules Committee … A true authorization for use of military force would come through the Foreign Affairs Committee. There would be witnesses, there would be debate, there would be an opportunity for many members who weren’t on the committee to weigh in.”

We could get things done: “Everything that the United States House of Representatives is doing right now under Democratic leadership is designed to harm the president and that’s just wrong. There are things we could do together. I know it’s a political year, I know it’s a presidential election year, but this sort of stuff – impeachment and trying to damage the president when he is protecting the country –just doesn’t fly.”

You have one job: “The Speaker at this point has one job and that job is to take those articles off the Speaker’s desk and take them over to Senate and deliver them to the majority leader in the United States Senate.”

To watch his full interview, click here

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